Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shelter (2001) DVD

Shelter (2001) 40 minutes 4:3 image ratio, Super laid back surfing film.  Maybe a little too laid back.  Don't watch this if you're tired at all.  Surfing is high energy, fast, active and Down The Barrel (2007) has that kind of energy, but this has laid back tunes, some quotes, not a constant narration, and a lot of slow motion.  If you put slow mo, laid back music, and no narration, then I get lulled into a little too much relaxation.  Artistic and impressionistic, but the pace never picks up. Great surfing and Rob Machado is def a laid back dude.

One interesting clip was a surfer riding a wide, flat board that looked like a wooden door.  It shows the importance of rocker.  It isn't discussed or described, it's just my own observation.  As the door catches the wave the surfer can't do anything to prevent the board tip from digging in at the bottom of the wave where you would do the first turn and it tumbles over.  Really nice scene of suys helping a surfer surf after losing a leg to cancer.  One thing missing is the content in the film to match the description I read of the film.  That description is not actually in the film anywhere.

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