Thursday, October 28, 2010

Conditions Not Flat For First Time In Weeks

Amazing out there today.  Warm air, warm water, after a tiny shock but only on the feet, blue sky, some swell for a change.  It's been 3 weeks or more of totally flat conditions.  I also got over to Lido Beach for the first time ever.

Time to hit the gym, I haven't been out enough to keep up the arm sprinting ability.  I probably would have done much better without the webbed gloves now that I think about it.  They slow arms down because of the increased resistance, but at my maximum conditioning, I can paddle just as fast with them.  Today I wasn't at that maximum.

Never saw the drawbridge up and today it was up on each direction, weird.

I can't believe it, in the ocean in October, that's a first for me.

Some of the lineup, it got popular today after 3

Not me...yet

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