Thursday, October 7, 2010

Part 16 - Long Beach

Part 16 - Long Beach, NY.  First weekend after Labor Day, No fees!

Finally went there after living closer than I realized.  Luckily, I met people who go there regularly and it is not as hard to park as I thought.  The waves, however, are totally different from what I had just learned from Tobay.

At Tobay, just the week before, I got totally hooked after consistently catching 3 waves in a row even tho they were belly rides.  So this pretty much brings my story up to the present.

I am now getting used to LB and have been there 9 times this season and shifting my weight forward on the board does not work at LB.  There, the waves are steeper and the weight hast to be aft in order to prevent the front from sinking 3 feet down.
Typical LB wave

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