Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Slater Should Stop at 10 Wins

1. Sometimes 11 is mistaken by Roman Numeral 2.
2. If he gets to 11, he would have to go for 12 to fix #1, above.
3. Ten is the basis of our decimal system.
4. If a younger guy gets first place and Kelly gets 2nd, a lot of speculation would be wasted wondering useless things like.
A. Would the younger guy have beaten a younger Slater or Slater even last year?
B. Is Slater suddenly over some unknown, highly speculative age limit?
C. Way too many Slater-based speculation that would cast doubt on the new winner, which would suck for everyone.
D. Will Slater go for 11 next year?
5. I, as a big fan, just don't want to see Kelly not come in 1st place and even worse, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even worse, drop out.
6. If Slater drops out, another whole host of specualtion that I just don't want to be hearing out of the surfing world....
# Rather than what I don't want, above, here's what I do want.
7. I want to hear Kelly Slater talking about surfing and what the guys on the tour are doing and I think I could listen to him forever and definitely learn a lot from him and it could even help my own surfing.
8. He's not going anywhere.  He's going to be surfing and rather than having fans not want to see him not come in 1st place, fans DO want to see him surfing, off tour, and doing it for the same reasons the rest of us do it, because we love it!  Thus making Kelly Slater, a more accessible surfer because we will be able to relate more to him since he will forever be the best surfer in recent times and we want to see him loving surfing, not competing and worse, "losing."  And that's the real problem with not being 1st after 10, he could never "lose," but that word just might pop up and it doesn't belong any where near the guy.  But it might and that would be totally unfair, because ***any other guy on tour coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, would consider it a win in some respect, however, not for Kelly.  I don't want to see that.
9. Never come down, always be unbeaten at.
10. It's TEN!!!