Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Long Trip Here - And "Here" is Just The Beginning!

...And here isn't really even "There," which is where I want to be.  But I did catch 3 waves yesterday and I have to jump forward in this story just to say that it was totally worth it.  It was my own beginnings of this awesome trip that I am going to be blogging about here.

There is no duplicate ways of learning and arriving to the place you want to be.  This is just the start, but even this start has been a long trip!

So here I am in the middle of the beginning.  I didn't stand on those waves because I realized that when I was attempting to stand on prior caught waves, I changed the attitude of the board in the wave and the wave kicked me out, I lost the wave.

So I decided to just make sure I know how to catch them and ride, and break the process up into parts to master each before moving on.

That is how I was even get to be able to paddle, after all.  That in itself was a process.  I'll post about that one soon too.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2 - I Got A Surfboard - Amazing How It Happened

I always wanted to try surfing.  I never knew anyone who did.  That sure is strange considering I grew up on Long Island.

So I'm at the beach one day and I wanted to get a KRock bumper sticker from the guy in the KRock van but I didn't want to give them my info so I tried to sneak one without getting a form.  It didn't work, they handed me a form to fill out first.  So I gave them my work number instead of my home info.  I got a sticker.  I forgot about it.

At work on Monday morning, they say I have a call from Jodi at KRock.  I won a surf board!  I never won anything, even when I gambled.  So I was shocked.  Luckily I was going to be in NYC on a service call later in the week so I swung around to 57th street and met them on the street (parking is impossible in the city) and tossed a surf board into my hatchback wagon.  It fit.  I was stoked.

I did have some experience with wave riding just prior to getting the board.  I got a really cheap boogie board and fins.  I did manage to catch one wave once and it took me flying.  What was weird was that I was riding the top part of the wave as it broke and barreled over under me and then there were two people in the water and I was heading straight for them but I was over their heads.

I banked and was able to turn away from hitting them. I never caught a wave after that on the boogie board, but it was really nice to be out deeper in the ocean with some flotation.  I loved being in the water and the sun and away from everyone.

The fins didn't last, they fell apart.  I still have the boogie board, it is the green one with yellow plastic running thru it.

Also got a KRock T-shirt.  Is this collectible?  There is no more KRock.

Thank you Jodi from KRock & KRock!